Butterfly table top machine

155,000.00 2000

-90 watt
-This machine has 11 decorative stiches
-It can sew heavy and light fabrics
-It can be used to fix buttons without hand tacking
-It can also be used for making button hole neatly
-It is electric only
-It comes with its own led light for easy and clearer sewing
Butterfly table top machine is an electric sewing machine which is used to make sewing simple and enjoyable. Butterfly table top has eleven(11) inbuilt stitches including straight stitch, overcast stitch, buttonhole stitches e.t .c.   It also comes with a pedal, bobbins, all purpose foot, zipper foot. It comes with an inbuilt LED LIGHT so you can see what you are sewing perfectly… This butterfly table top machine is good for both professionals  and beginners in the fashion world.. it is beginner friendly, it is the best choice for beginners in the fashion field, it is carry to carry around, it is durable and of good quality..  BUTTERFY TABLE TOP MACHINE  is a top notch and quality sewing machine, it can sew through any kind of fabric, soft ,hard, heavy, light ranging from silk to blanket materials…SEW LIKE A PROFFESIONAL THAT YOU ARE WITH THIS BUTTERFLY TABLE TOP MACHINE.

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